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Hide and Create Podcast – An Interview With Michael J. Sullivan

Jul 23 2014

I was the one who had the opportunity to interview Michael for the show. It was very informative and a lot of fun!

Click here to listen.

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New Book Out Today!

Aug 18 2014

New Tears Cover 2
I wrote a book with my husband. It’s an adventure novel about an archaeologist and it’s a lot of fun!

For the Paperback version, click here.
For the Kindle version, click here.
For the Nook version, click here.

Here’s a look at the first few paragraphs of the book!

June 9, 1931

Tex Ravencroft knew there was every chance he was about to die. He had faced death before, but this time it felt closer to him, like an itch on the back of his neck as though some unseen being was breathing on him. A step on his trail, that’s what the old timers would say. Maybe they were right.

“What is wrong?” his local guide, Kai, asked.

“Probably nothing,” Tex said, incapable of offering more reassurance than that. The truth was, they were already in six different kinds of trouble. They were trespassing on grounds sacred to the Hawaiian people. The coconut groves on the east coast of Kauai were kapu, forbidden, at least to commoners. They were meant for royalty alone.

Tex Ravencroft was a lot of things, a teacher, an explorer, an archaeologist, to name a few, but royalty he most certainly was not. Not for the first time he wondered if he needed to seriously reconsider his career choices.

Still, the monarchy was over, Hawaii was a territory of the United States. No royals were claiming the land, defending it against invaders such as him. At least, that was the theory. He still couldn’t shake the feeling, though, that he was in danger.

The air was moist and fragrant, pressing against him like a living, tangible thing as he made his way through the trees, stepping over fallen coconuts. He had come here chasing a legend, the way he so often did. For years he had collected several obscure references to a carved stone goblet. The ancient Hawaiians had used it in their human sacrifice rituals. The goblet was supposedly possessed of the power to destroy a man’s soul if used in a certain way.

Personally, he didn’t go in for that kind of thing. The world was a strange enough place without adding in mystical, supernatural elements. The rarity of the goblet, though, and its place in legend were enough of an enticement to bring him here in search of it. Treasures like this were meant to be shared with the world. And, if the museum happened to pay him to acquire objects like this, well, even an archaeologist needed to put food on the table.

He glanced behind him. The slim trunks of the coconut trees were all that was there. There was no vast army of warriors waiting even though it felt like there was. He turned back and as he did a glimmer of light caught his eye. It looked like light reflecting off the water.

The ocean was behind them, so this was something different. He felt his spirits lift slightly. He was looking for a pond and maybe this was it. He angled off in that direction and about fifty feet later it came into view. The pond itself was narrow, but very long so that from where he was standing on the one bank he couldn’t quite see the other one. The roughly rectangular shape was unusual, and he couldn’t tell if it was natural or shaped by the hand of man.

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