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Part 1 of The Wicked 7 Part Miracle (52 Books in 52 Weeks)


Welcome to Week 1 of my 52 Books in 52 Weeks Event! This week we're discussing my very fist published book, Wicked: Witch, co-authored with Nancy Holder. You can keep up with all the behind-the-scenes info and contests by visiting my Facebook Book Club Page.  This week I'm going to be discussing, among other things, how there have been several miracles in relation to Wicked in my life. Here's just the first!


Wicked: Witch is my first published book. It came out October 2002 and it was life-changing. One of the most amazing things about my experience with the book and the rest of the series was the number of miracles God has performed in my life in relation to it. I’m going to write about one of the miracles every day this week.



The first miracle came in 2000. I was an aspiring writer at that time. I had had a few poems and a magazine article published, but that was it so far. In one week two people who didn’t know each other both approached me and told me that they’d heart about something called The Maui Writer’s Conference and they thought I should go. They both told me that with an air of intensity and urgency.



After the second person told me that I looked it up. It turned out the Conference was held over Labor Day weekend and was this amazing thing where aspiring writers learned from established writers and had the opportunity to meet agents and publishers. In addition there was a Retreat that was held the week before where you were broken into classrooms of ten and paired with a professional writer as a teacher and spent several days doing intensive work.



It sounded great. We couldn’t afford it. That didn’t stop me from looking into it, though. I felt like God was giving me a very clear message. It turned out that He was.



So, the first miracle was two people telling me about this conference. It was God’s way of pointing me in the direction I was supposed to go. What happened next was another miracle that I’ll talk about tomorrow. The ultimate lesson I learned from this is: PAY ATTENTION WHEN GOD IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!


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